There was a time when book stores were on every corner it seems. There were huge warehouse style encampments where the hip and cool hung out and sipped lattes. Where those in their golden years browsed and perused the classics, and where children sat around sticky-faced while waiting for the newest Harry Potter. Then the e-book trend took hold. Kindle and Nook invaded our purses and backpacks, and suddenly the book industry as we knew it suddenly was on life support. As the industry righted itself, suddenly a new trend surfaced; the used book store. The new generation and old stalwarts of the physical book guard decided to feed their need for nostalgia and started coming out to support the used book model.
Not only could you get the feel and the smell of a book, but also now that the e-book craze had become a full-blown epidemic, books could be had for pennies on the dollar. Those that wanted or needed the feel of paper or leather on their hands now could have everything they desired, for a fraction of the cause.
If you are one of the holdouts that never quite had the taste or desire to have your words illuminated by a backlight, or just prefer paper in your hands of plastic, these books stores are for you

Half Price books
This is the big daddy of all of the used books stores. It is a Chain store without that sterile big store feel. Hipsters and 40-somethings all frequent these stores, as well as work there. It is wonderful for those looking for hidden treasures that also include vinyls and comic books. There seems to be Half-price books in every town now.
The “Abe” is a great online resource that provides book prices and has a vast selection of every type of book imaginable.
Though not as open and friendly as half-price books, this online store as just as big, if not bigger selection that is searchable.
Everything from textbooks to old classics, is a solid choice for any used book buyer.
This place is nestled comfortably in Denton TX. right across from great eateries and dive bars. Denton is a college town and this place is the favorite from people of all lifestyles. It is best to stop in if you have the chance, but they do have an online order form to make a book or record request. If you are in North Texas, do stop in.

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