There are two facts about book fans. They love to read and they decidedly do not love paying a lot of money for books. Unfortunately, it can be tough to avoid paying high costs for a new book since sales have been down and printing costs are up. So, you make have to venture to a new store to get new reading material. One great venue to shop in would be a thrift shop.

To those that have not ventured into one, a thrift shop might be a curious location for reading material. Are not thrift shops known mainly for clothing and furniture? This is true but they are also a great source for purchasing books at very low prices. 1 or 2 may be the going rate for a hardcover in such a shop. As most are well aware, the price of a hardcover at a major bookstore could be 25 so you get a great savings at your local thrift shop.

Often, people will donate those books they have finished reading due to space limitation considerations. A thrift shop becomes the perfect place in which to drop off those donated books. This opens a great savings opportunity for the avid reader.

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